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Made in the USA, a Cage Rocket is a personal storage pod. Our SPods are sleek, light weight, rugged, and available in many colors and options.

Our Class III waterproof design and stainless steel carrying clip add increased utility and versatility.

We have 24 standard configurations of our product. You can buy direct from our factory at

Our SPods are great for cycling, backpacking, inline skating, paddling, golfing, fishing, in the gym, or anywhere you need to carry and protect your gear. Don't think of Cage Rocket just for cycling anymore, our SPods are multi-sport assuring you will get a lot of use and value from our products. See a PDF of the many uses of our SPods.

Find out more:

Clipped Dry SPod with PhoneClipped Dry SPod: our fully featured model with Class III waterproof design and aircraft grade stainless steel carrying clip.   Buy Now

Clipped Dry SPod



Dry SPod

Dry SPod: our Class III waterproof design that will keep your electronics safe and dry. Buy Now

Clipped SPod

Clipped SPod: a rotating stainless steel carrying clip is now an option on all of our products. Buy Now

Classic SPod: our original design you already know and love. Buy Now

Classic SPod

Event and Promotion Planners: We have in-house pad printing capability. We can print your logo on our SPods for your event or promotion. See our custom printing flyer in PDF format.


On Your Bike

Cage Rocket in bicycle water bottle cage

On Your Boat

Cage Rocket for Boating



In Your Pack

Cage Rocket in Ski Pack


On Your Golf Cart

Cage Rocket on Golf Cart

Carry it in the Cage Rocket!