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Company Info: 

Cage Rocket Incorporated is located at the north end of Seattle, Washington - USA. The company was founded by a designer from a highly recognized product development consultancy. The founder has been designing plastic products since 1981 for companies like IBM, Kodak, Apple, HP and Microsoft. We use state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Machining (CAM) technology to conceptualize, prototype and launch production products. The smooth styling and light weight, rugged design of the Cage Rocket aren’t an accident. It took a lot of dedication and effort to bring this US manufactured product to you at an affordable price.


CAD Image Snapshots from Pro/Engineer

Pro/E Design Wireframe  Pro/E Design Shaded


CAM Image Snapshots

CAM Lid A Side

CAM Logo




First Machined Prototype on our Haas 3 axis CNC Mill

Machined Lid Prototype



Thank you for your support and interest in Cage Rocket, Inc. We truly appreciate your business. 

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